Week 2 – Changing it up a bit.

Ahhh…..Monday…not my favorite day of the week at all. This week I was off from work though since some moron backed into the side of my truck while I was leaving work on Friday and I had to bring it to the body shop for an estimate. I better change the subject before I need to add a round of Kenpo to today’s routine to blow off stress.

Of course I was off from work so it rained – I swear a black cloud follows me around most of the time. Because of the rain I was tired and unmotivated which has actually been the theme for the past week with me.

Anyway…today’s workout was Chest & Back and would normally be followed by Ab Ripper X  but I’ve been opting for Ab Ripper 200 from the Power 90 series instead because  I can actually do every move and feel an amazing burn in my abs. To me it’s a better workout for my core level right now so that’s what I’m going with. One day I will destroy Ab Ripper X but until then, I will make Ab Ripper 200 my bitch.

With my lack of motivation today I spent most of the morning trying to talk myself into the workout. I finally popped in the dvd around 2pm and Tony’s constant yapping was getting on my nerves during the warm up. I decided to follow one of my tweeps TabBenedict in doing this routine crossfit style. I shut off the dvd, grabbed my workout sheet and decided to do 12 reps of each exercise for the 1st round and then push to max in the second round. I ended up feeling a better burn doing it this way since there was less down time and I as a result I completed the workout in about half the time.

Now don’t  get me wrong….I love Tony to pieces, however there are days when I don’t want to drag things out or I’m pressed for time. Plus I felt like I did so much more by doing the routine crossfit style that I think I may continue in this manner for the rest of Round 2.

Hope the rest of this week picks up for my mentally. I need to get out of my lazy funk and start to truly BRING IT! if I want to see more results!

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