Phase 1 Almost Done!

This week I entered my Phase 1 recovery week of P90X. I can’t believe how fast it went by this time around. I don’t know if it’s because I know what to expect this time around or if it’s that my body is just stronger and handling it better, regardless I’m HAPPY!

As some people know I have been doubling up on workouts as well for this round and I feel great. I have been adding an extra cardio workout each day in an attempt to burn off the stubborn goo around my mid-section. So far I am noticing a difference and at the very least I am building up my cardio endurance. (Soon I will get my revenge on Shaun T and his Insanity program! Mwwwaahhhh!)

During this round I have also been working very hard on my nutrition. I have been trying my best to eat clean and stay within the top two tiers of Michi’s Ladder. I have also been trying out some Paleo recipes and found some yummy new additions for my dinner menus. I have not been able to cut carbs out of my diet to do a full Paleo diet but I have managed to cut back on some of the higher carb veggies I normally eat and I think I am making smarter choices overall.

That’s all I have for today. I plan on posting my 30 Day stats as soon as my recovery week is up. I don’t think they will be a great as my first 90 days were on the program but I feel awesome and to me that’s all that counts!

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4 responses to “Phase 1 Almost Done!

  1. Wooo! =] I like how complicated your diet seems. =P I may just be a simpleton though. lol! =D So how’s Michi’s Ladder work? I’ve heard it in P90x before but haven’t heard anything else about that. =? What veggies have you removed? I might wanna do the same. I have a problem with carbs. Eating rigid the first 90 days went great but now, especially with insanity, i just find myself fantasizing about bread sometimes. 8D

    • LOL…Michi’s Ladder is really pretty simple – just try your best to stick to foods in the top two tiers and you are on your way to clean eating.

      As for the veggies, I’ve said good bye to the beloved potatoe…they will be reserved for holiday meals from now on. I also cut back on corn and peas which was tough at first but I’m ok with it now.

      The paleo part has been a bigger struggle but to me as long as I can do one paleo meal per day I am super stoked. I don’t think completely cutting out all carbs with the workouts we pull would be smart. I know a lot of cross-fit people do it but I’m not ready. I’ve just made smarter, whole grain choices.

      • Ohhh okay, yes i’ve been warned about those sketchy potatoes. I’ve gotta look up more info on Michi’s Ladder and try to incorporate that. =] Agreed! All parts of the food pyramid are muy importante. Just a matter of moderation I reckon… which I have a problem with when it comes to carbs. =P I wish carbs were like the perfect food! They can be but I mean like when eating a lot of carbs daily, you don’t have to worry about that bagette going to your butt. =P That would be a perfect and happy world. Maybe there would be less war too. ;P

  2. Veryy thoughtful blog

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