Round 2 – Day 30 – The End of Phase 1

Well, another 30 days have come and gone …shockingly fast I might add!

Phase 2 officially started yesterday as far workouts go, but calendar wise today marks day 30 – that still throws me off a bit.

As always, the start/end of a phase means it’s time to take measurements and weigh-in. Of course that is the first thing I did this morning so I could get it out of the way.

I honestly thought that my numbers would be a little better since I have been trying really hard to eat clean but I’ll take what I can get. It could be that I have been adding additional workouts, my body adjusting to my new eating habits or just the fact that I am getting closer to my goals. Either way a loss is a loss and I’m moving forward.

So here are the numbers for Day 30 (numbers in red are what I have lost over the 30 days):

Height – 5′ 9″
Weight – 161lbs (Gained 5lbs in 1st 2wks then dropped back to starting weight)
Waist – 29″ down 1″
Hips – 36.5″ down .5″
Chest – 34″ down 1″
Right Arm – 11″ same
Left Arm – 11.5″ down .5″
Right Thigh – 20″ down .5″
Left Thigh – 20″ down .5″
Body Fat -19% down 2.4%

Overall I happy that I am continuing to lose inches. I sometimes start to psych myself out but I gotta look at the big picture and stay focused. My clothes are fitting better, I feel great and I am ready to kick things up a bit and see what I can do in Phase 2!

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Before –  211+ pounds                                        Day 30 – Round 2-  161 pounds

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  1. FREAKIN’ AWESOME! =] I think everyone is kinda like “..wait..what..?” with results from their second round. I know I have been up and down about it like crazy! Maybe it’s because the first time around it’s such a blast to the system that the second time your body has a steady rhythm to weight loss and muscle gain. =] You’re doing amazing and your results are AMAZING! =D

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