Today’s Workout: Stretch, Cardio & Booty!

Today I woke up and my lower body was still very sore from the lower body workout I posted the other day. I decided a dose of X-Stretch from P90X would do my body good, so that is how I started today’s workout. I had to skip the sun salutations, camel and back hero since I still can’t stretch my core too much, but I still felt great after completing the workout.

My plan was to hit the pavement this morning since I needed to go to the post office and it conveniently falls along my walking/running path. Unfortunately, mother nature had different plans and it started to thunderstorm as I was getting ready to go. Thankfully I have a stationary bike so I hopped on there instead and got a solid 30-min cardio workout in before giving this workout I found on Pinterest a try:

I did three rounds of this, Insanity style, and felt a solid burn kick in halfway through the second round.

As you can tell, I’ve been putting focus on lower body workouts, and that’s because I’ve decided to join my husband and some of his buddies in August, as they attempt the Rock Solid Mud Run. I’m a little nervous about this since I recently had the surgery, but my plan is to pace myself, do what I can and just have fun.

If you try any of the workouts I’m posting, please let me know what you think or if you add anything! Also, if you have any that you love, please pass them my way. I’d love to try it out and feature it here along with your fitness story.

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2 responses to “Today’s Workout: Stretch, Cardio & Booty!

  1. It sounds like you’re doing great! Making progress during recovery without hurting yourself is the name of the game.

    I love this sort of workout for times when I want to get up from my desk, sneak away to a (windowless) conference room, and take a five-minute exercise break. Jillian Michaels introduced me to the Plie Squats and the similar Sumo Squats. The cardio workouts in Tony Horton’s Bring It! can also be done anywhere. Sometimes, a set of burpees will do the trick!

  2. I really need to dust off the Bring It! book and flip through there! Oh…I saw your tweet earlier and I’m glad your foot is doing better :)

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