P90X: Day 4 Round 3.5

Well, as I said in yesterdays post, there was no way I would be doing YogaX today. To be quite honest, I think YogaX gives yoga a bad name and I’d rather spend my time stretching, breathing and centering myself with a DVD from GAIAM.

I chose one of my favorites, AM/PM Yoga with Rodney Yee. The AM portion of the DVD is hands down my favorite and yes, I have done it at night many times. There is something about the sound of the ocean, Rodney Yee’s calm voice and the relaxation techniques that he uses, that makes my entire day just melt into the ground along with all of my stress.

Another plus is that it is about 15-20 mins long so I can squeeze it in no matter how hectic my day gets.

Tonight, I was feeling very relaxed after the hubs and I finished AM yoga (see…told you I do it at night too) so I decided to do PM yoga as well. It felt good to get some additional stretching in since I am very sore from the first 3 days of P90X. I am still partial to the AM segment and felt much more relaxed after it, but that could also be because I know the routine by heart and don’t have to open my eyes to see what he is doing at all during it.

I am currently feeling very relaxed and centered and that is a feeling I don’t mind in the least.

Tomorrow is Legs and Back, which means there will be cursing as I am forced to do wall squats! Fun times I tell you, fun times.

Until then, Namaste.

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One response to “P90X: Day 4 Round 3.5

  1. … and now, I’m off to do X2 Yoga! :-P I just ordered a Bob Harper 4 DVD set, which includes a yoga workout. It will be interesting to see yoga from someone else’s perspective.

    Yes, wall squats are a challenge, and I imagine they are even more so in your situation. As Tony says, don’t go crazy right out of the box. In the bag. In the box. Out of the bag. I think he mangles those phrases a few too many times. ;-)

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