…Just Don’t Stop

How Slow You go

Over the past few weeks, I have told myself this many times while working on my running. You see, I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself. When I set a goal, I get tunnel vision, and I can sometimes brutally push myself to that goal.

Now pushing in such a manner isn’t always a bad thing. If I didn’t push myself, I might still be overweight, out of shape and unhappy. If I didn’t push myself, I wouldn’t be sitting here sharing my story with you. (I know, that’s a very sad thought, right? What would you all do without my blog?!)

However, sometimes I push so hard, I forget to celebrate the small victories. I forget to be proud of the strides I have made. I forget to enjoy the journey I have pushed myself to take.

I often have to internally yell at myself while I run. I have to remind myself that the fact I laced up my sneakers, put on my running clothes and headed out in the cold to get a run done is a big win, all by itself. I need to remind my inner bully that Rome wasn’t built in a day and part of the learning process is going at a slower pace.

After over 3 years, I am still learning. I’m learning new aspects of fitness and nutrition. I’m learning just how strong I am and most importantly, I’m learning to have patience with myself.

The funny thing is, I tell people who come to me for guidance to be patient all the time. I tell them exactly what this graphic says ” It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop.” Maybe it’s time for me to start listening to myself, cause you know what? I give some really good advice.

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