Lucky vs Strong

I consider myself healthy, not skinny, and the road to getting healthy definitely made me strong!

Speaking of strong, today starts Phase 2 of P90X for me. As I expected, I didn’t see a change in my waist, hip or thigh measurements and I’m happy with where I’m at with those, so it didn’t bother me. I did however see a half inch increase in both of my biceps, and I can see nice shoulder definition which really makes me happy!

Results take strength and determination, not luck. Put your mind to it and the results will come.

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4 responses to “Lucky vs Strong

  1. Skinny is not the whole story of fitness anyway. Lately the term “skinny fat” has come into use, describing those who look skinny but are hiding body fat and lack of muscle mass, or just plain poor health. I was just plain scrawny all the way into my twenties, helped by lots of miles on my bike and jogging in high school. Then my “luck” ran out! I’m happy to have learned how a little hard work every day and some good support can keep us healthy in the real sense of the word.

    Welcome back to P90X Phase 2! I am halfway through P90X2 Phase 2, which is similar to a P90X schedule. More strength training, less balance work.

    • I know skinny is not the whole story to fitness, but I’ve seen way too many people starve themselves and follow ridiculous crash diets to obtain “skinny” instead of fit. I wish more people would ditch the magazine stereotype of the “skinny” photoshopped woman and put in some work and educate themselves in proper nutrition. It’s safer, smarter and the results are much more enjoyable.

      Congrats on being halfway thru with Phase 2 of X2! I’ll eventually try my hand at it as well as the rest of the rest of the workouts in X+ (I’ve only done KenpoCardio+)

  2. I think being strong and confident in your own skin is far more important than being “skinny.” And like I’ve said a million times… seeing how far you’ve come is such an inspiration to continue towards my goals even though I get so frustrated with them.

    • Thanks Jac. Just so you know, you’ve been inspiring me the last week in the Plank Challenge and I’m very proud of you for doing it daily and for also hitting the gym. I think having like minded people around you with similar goals helps to keep a person on track and makes it easier to forgive yourself if you have an off day or become frustrated.

      As for the strong and confident in your own skin comment, It’s taken me a long time, but I’m finally becoming confident in mine and it’s a good feeling :)

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