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Bittersweet Endings…

I am entering my final week in Round 2 of P90X. These 90 days have truly gone super fast and to be honest I am happy it is almost done.

Now please, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE P90X. I LOVE Tony Horton and the results I have gotten from doing the program. I highly recommend it and Power 90 to just about everyone I talk to….I just need something new. I need to feel excitement for my workouts again and I believe that starting a new program will bring that to the table.

What will my next program be you ask? Well…I’ve decided to give ChaLEAN Extreme a shot. It is another 90 day program which also uses resistance and cardio workouts in 3 phases. (I’ll do a post about it before I start and will most likely do a weekly post once I start the program.)

P90X will always be my first fitness love. It has changed my life in so many ways. It has brought a bunch of amazing new people into my life (you all know who you are). It has given me the strength to achieve my goals and realize that I CAN do anything I set my mind to. It has allowed me to spread and share my new found knowledge and motivate others to better themselves.

Most importantly it has helped me to find ME again. I am sure I will return to it for another round…most likely after ChaLEAN Extreme. The bottom line is P90X works and those workouts will ALWAYS be a part of my fitness routine.

Thank you Tony Horton, Beachbody and my amazing P90X crazed twitter family…you guys keep me motivated and going!

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Mish Mosh of Thoughts…

I have been neglecting this blog lately and I am disappointed in myself for doing that. There has been a lot going on here and my head has been swirling so I haven’t been able to pin point WHAT I wanted to write about. As a result, I decided to just sit back and write about whatever comes to mind which is why I have titled this “Mish Mosh of thoughts”.

I apologize in advance if I am all over the place…

First off I am in Round 2 – Phase 3 of P90X. I have slacked off a little bit and missed a few workouts over the past 2 weeks but I will make them up before the 90 days are over. The same thing happened to me in Round 1 and I just doubled up and plugged along like a trooper.

One of the reasons I have been slacking off is that I haven’t been feeling up to par lately. I have been sluggish, light headed and prone to headaches. I have tried playing around with my calorie intake and things improve for a day or two but then go back to this off feeling. I decided it was time to go to the doctor to see what was going on. EKG was fine and I am waiting for  blood results to see if maybe it is a thyroid issue.

I am still hopelessly in love with the fitness trail. My longest distance so far was an 8 mile walk/run last month. It was such a great feeling to know that I pushed that hard and stayed within the time constraints I put on myself.

Most of my walks/runs after that have been in the 3-4 mile range and I am now hoping to do them daily since my daughter goes to camp where the fitness trail is so I am there anyway…might as well get a workout in right?!

Since falling in love with walking I have started to run a bit more. Mind you I only run when I do the trail by myself because I feel like a complete and total moron when I run. I have pacing issues that I am working on and can only go about a 1/2 mile before burning out and needing to walk for a bit and then resuming a run again.

I would love to be able to do the whole 3 mile lap in a run by fall without needing those breaks.  For now my goal is the keep all walks at a pace of 16 min per mile or lower because I would love to do one of the half marathon walks in Disney next year and that is part of the rules.


I had my first Power 90 graduate last month and my husband is  finishing in 3 days! I am so excited, proud and happy for both of them! My friend is going on to do the Power 90 Masters Series and my husband is going to move up to P90X!

This past week I have also been approached by numerous people at my daughters camp who haven’t seen me in almost an year. They all want to know how I have kept myself going, what my secret is and I have been told by a few that I am their inspiration. It is a truly amazing and touching to have someone look you in the eye and tell you that. It is something I NEVER thought I would be.

Pull-ups….I have become obsessed with wanting to do them on the bar. I don’t have one in my house and have screwy doorways so the bars that just hook over the door don’t work here. I keep looking at the one on the fitness trail and I want to try it but I can’t get up the nerve. I am thinking about going to my friends house and trying her husbands out. At least if I can’t do it I will fail in private and not on an open to the public fitness trail. I know…way to be positive.

Other than that I just have lots of random thoughts swirling around in my mind which makes me feel like I have ADD. I am thankful for the fitness trail which allows me to have some time to talk about things with my friends or clear my head alone as I zone out to The Prodigy.

Lastly I would like to give a  HUGE thank you to my buddy for listening to me and helping to guide me the past few weeks. You mean more to me than you may ever know. XOXO

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Round 2 – Day 60 P90X

Well…another 30 days have come and gone.  It’s amazing how quickly the weeks are flying by now that I am in Round 2.  My results this month have been more psychological than anything else. I can feel myself becoming more comfortable and confident with my new body. I am starting to realize that there is nothing I can do to change the way some people view me or to stop the jealousy that they feel. All I can do is take the steps I need to take to become a fit, healthy, well balance and happy person for myself and my family.

Now for the numbers:

Round 2 – Day 60:

Height – 5′ 9″
– 159lbs down 2lbs
Waist – 28″ down 1″
Hips – 36″ down .5″
Chest – 34″ same
Right Arm – 11.5″ up .5
Left Arm – 12″ up .5″
Right Thigh – 20″ same
Left Thigh – 20″ same
Body Fat -16.7% down almost 3%

Once again I am very happy with my results. I am able to do more push ups (although I still hate them and always will), and I can feel my cardio improving.

I recently wrote about how I discovered the fitness trail and how I enjoyed walking it. Well…yesterday I did 8.1 miles on it and even jogged most of that with the help of  The Prodigy and Blink 182 (Go me!). I don’t think I have ever been so proud of myself. I could have given up so many times and just went home but I kept pushing, I had a goal in my head and I was gonna reach it no matter what. Knowing that I have the strength to complete the goals I set in my mind is so empowering.

With that, I would like to once again thank those of you who keep me going. My inspirations, my fellow coaches, the haters, the drama majors and everyone who has told me that I inspire them. Thank you!

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P.S. – I hate photos but, here they are….sigh.
(Sorry for crappy, low light self pics. I decided to add them just now)

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Round 2 – Day 30 – The End of Phase 1

Well, another 30 days have come and gone …shockingly fast I might add!

Phase 2 officially started yesterday as far workouts go, but calendar wise today marks day 30 – that still throws me off a bit.

As always, the start/end of a phase means it’s time to take measurements and weigh-in. Of course that is the first thing I did this morning so I could get it out of the way.

I honestly thought that my numbers would be a little better since I have been trying really hard to eat clean but I’ll take what I can get. It could be that I have been adding additional workouts, my body adjusting to my new eating habits or just the fact that I am getting closer to my goals. Either way a loss is a loss and I’m moving forward.

So here are the numbers for Day 30 (numbers in red are what I have lost over the 30 days):

Height – 5′ 9″
Weight – 161lbs (Gained 5lbs in 1st 2wks then dropped back to starting weight)
Waist – 29″ down 1″
Hips – 36.5″ down .5″
Chest – 34″ down 1″
Right Arm – 11″ same
Left Arm – 11.5″ down .5″
Right Thigh – 20″ down .5″
Left Thigh – 20″ down .5″
Body Fat -19% down 2.4%

Overall I happy that I am continuing to lose inches. I sometimes start to psych myself out but I gotta look at the big picture and stay focused. My clothes are fitting better, I feel great and I am ready to kick things up a bit and see what I can do in Phase 2!

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Before –  211+ pounds                                        Day 30 – Round 2-  161 pounds

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Phase 1 Almost Done!

This week I entered my Phase 1 recovery week of P90X. I can’t believe how fast it went by this time around. I don’t know if it’s because I know what to expect this time around or if it’s that my body is just stronger and handling it better, regardless I’m HAPPY!

As some people know I have been doubling up on workouts as well for this round and I feel great. I have been adding an extra cardio workout each day in an attempt to burn off the stubborn goo around my mid-section. So far I am noticing a difference and at the very least I am building up my cardio endurance. (Soon I will get my revenge on Shaun T and his Insanity program! Mwwwaahhhh!)

During this round I have also been working very hard on my nutrition. I have been trying my best to eat clean and stay within the top two tiers of Michi’s Ladder. I have also been trying out some Paleo recipes and found some yummy new additions for my dinner menus. I have not been able to cut carbs out of my diet to do a full Paleo diet but I have managed to cut back on some of the higher carb veggies I normally eat and I think I am making smarter choices overall.

That’s all I have for today. I plan on posting my 30 Day stats as soon as my recovery week is up. I don’t think they will be a great as my first 90 days were on the program but I feel awesome and to me that’s all that counts!

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Week 2 – Changing it up a bit.

Ahhh…..Monday…not my favorite day of the week at all. This week I was off from work though since some moron backed into the side of my truck while I was leaving work on Friday and I had to bring it to the body shop for an estimate. I better change the subject before I need to add a round of Kenpo to today’s routine to blow off stress.

Of course I was off from work so it rained – I swear a black cloud follows me around most of the time. Because of the rain I was tired and unmotivated which has actually been the theme for the past week with me.

Anyway…today’s workout was Chest & Back and would normally be followed by Ab Ripper X  but I’ve been opting for Ab Ripper 200 from the Power 90 series instead because  I can actually do every move and feel an amazing burn in my abs. To me it’s a better workout for my core level right now so that’s what I’m going with. One day I will destroy Ab Ripper X but until then, I will make Ab Ripper 200 my bitch.

With my lack of motivation today I spent most of the morning trying to talk myself into the workout. I finally popped in the dvd around 2pm and Tony’s constant yapping was getting on my nerves during the warm up. I decided to follow one of my tweeps TabBenedict in doing this routine crossfit style. I shut off the dvd, grabbed my workout sheet and decided to do 12 reps of each exercise for the 1st round and then push to max in the second round. I ended up feeling a better burn doing it this way since there was less down time and I as a result I completed the workout in about half the time.

Now don’t  get me wrong….I love Tony to pieces, however there are days when I don’t want to drag things out or I’m pressed for time. Plus I felt like I did so much more by doing the routine crossfit style that I think I may continue in this manner for the rest of Round 2.

Hope the rest of this week picks up for my mentally. I need to get out of my lazy funk and start to truly BRING IT! if I want to see more results!

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Day 7 – End of Week 1

Well….week 1 was not perfect but it is done. This morning I did some 10 minute trainer yoga, took a nap instead of doing Legs & Back and finished the night off with some Xstretch. I know, I know….a nap….instead of my workout….what can I say……I was a tired! I needed the rest!

When I got to thinking about it I would be doing Legs & Back today and then Chest & Back tomorrow….working my back two days in a row didn’t seem like a good idea especially with my herniated discs. I don’t need to hurt myself again and not be able to do any workouts. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

I am hoping to be more disciplined week 2 and stick to the schedule but sometimes I just can’t help it and have to move stuff around, double up or just skip a workout. I don’t LIKE doing it but sometimes I have to and I have to learn to accept that.

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Day 4,5,6…..oh man!

Well sooner or later it always happens. I allow life to get in the way of what I want and need to do and it results in me missing workouts….sigh.

Day 4 SHOULD have been YogaX which is a 90 min workout. I will be the first to admit I am not a huge fan of it so I was not heartbroken by missing the workout. I do however KNOW that Tony Horton IS a huge fan of yoga and he feels it is a key component of his workout program so I did feel a little guilty the next day.  If it redeems me at all I have been doing 10 Minute Trainer Yoga almost everyday…..hey….I know it’s not YogaX but it’s something….right?!

Day 5 was another screw up for me. Legs and Back plus Ab Ripper X were the scheduled workout for the day. I’m not even sure what I ended up doing yesterday but I know sneaky lunges and wall squats were not one of them. Oh….yesterday was the lovely fender bender in the parking lot at my job….sigh….I should have done some Kenpo as a stress reliever, instead I grabbed and beer and enjoyed some conversation with a friend….oh well.

Day 6 – Now this workout I DID do…..KenpoX…..hands down my FAVORITE workout in this program! I never get tired of this routine…EVER! I can jab, cross, hook, uppercut all day long! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! I always end up energized, relieved of stress and in a full on sweat by the end of the hour…I couldn’t ask for more! Well….maybe two days of Kenpo…we could replace YogaX…hahaha….just kidding…yoga is important….I know…..*rolls eyes.

Anyway….tomorrow is technically my rest day but my plan is to start the day off with some 10 Minute Trainer Yoga (still trying to redeem myself here), then do Legs and Back, I will sub Ab Ripper 200 cause I like it better. Finally before bed I will unwind with some xStretch. Now this is the plan….it doesn’t mean it will all happen. Let’s face it I’m a parent and I’m human….things come up and we aren’t perfect. I do however always try to make up for what I miss. That’s all I can do….as Tony says….Do your best and forget the rest!

Keep bringing it people and I will try not to be such a slacker next week!

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Day 3 – Shoulders and Arms

Today marked Day 3 – Round 2 P90x for me. I was looking forward to today’s workout and I was bored at work so I skipped out early and headed home to take care of business…..Shoulders and Arms….gotta love working those “Glamour Muscles” and with tank top season coming lord only knows I can use the work…yikes!

There is honestly not a single move in this workout that I don’t like. My absolute favorite exercise is the Side-Tri-Rise that they do at the end in the bonus round. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can keep up with them even when they get all wacky and race each other. I tend to be a competitive person so maybe that’s why…who knows?!

Today’s workout was interesting though as a thunderstorm was rolling in. As I was working out things got dark and I noticed the lightning start. Shortly after a huge crash of thunder rang out and my house literally shook which scared me. Apparently it scared my son as well cause he came busting through my bedroom door and nearly tackled me as I was doing Crouching Cohen Curls. He then looked at the screen and immediately grabbed his 2lbs weights and joined in. He’s 5 and already has a love for Tony!

After Shoulders and Arms is usually Ab Ripper X….now I have done a full round of P90X and STILL struggle with some of the moves here. Part of my issue is my lower back and some is just my lack of core strength despite working out as long as I have. So, instead I have been opting for the Ab Ripper 200 from the Power 90 series which came before P9oX. I find that I get an amazing ab workout from it. I feel it in my abs as opposed to my thighs and lower back like I do with most of Ab Ripper X. I also REALLY like the 10 Min Trainer Ab workout. I love that there are a lot of plank style moves in it – keeps things fresh and new.

After doing both workouts I was still feeling good SO….I decided to do the 10 Min Trainer Yoga which has quickly become another favorite of mine. If you have never tried 10 Min Trainer I highly recommend it!

Tomorrow should be interesting. I had to go to work tonight after my workouts and stupidly had some coffee from Starbucks with my coworkers. Now it is 1:44am and I am wide awake! I have to be back at work in the morning. Maybe I should just do my workout now….hmmmmmmm.

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Day 2 Plyometrics….The Mother!

Tonight was Plyometrics night (Plyo)….also known as “The Mother” workout of P90X. Since I did the LEAN version of the program last time I never came face to face with this particular DVD. I had heard stories about it and my favorite nickname was “The Devils Dance”.  IF I had never been introduced to Shaun T and the INSANITY workout I would agree with that nickname, however I met a wilder beast first so Plyo’s bark was much worse than it’s bite! As a matter of fact many people say Insanity is Plyo on crack and they are right! After doing some of Insanity, Plyo seemed like it just had one too many cups of coffee – no where near the hit of speed Insanity dropped.

Overall I loved it! It is an amazing, solid workout that is gonna get your heart rate up, gonna push you to do your best and burn a ton of calories! As Tony says in it, “you can do anything for 30 seconds” and he is right. It’s all mind over matter! I was sweating like crazy and burned roughly 812 calories BUT what I loved the most was I could still function at the end of the 60 mins. I didn’t feel like I was going to die or lay in my own puddle of sweat for an hour tweeting. Yes, after my first encounter with Insanity Plyometric Circuit that’s what happened. No, it’s not a proud moment in my fitness journey BUT it happened…and I was able to laugh about it as I laid gasping for air.

Sooooo……Plyo rocks in my book! I think I was missing out by doing the LEAN version of P90X my first round! This could become one of my favorite workouts….maybe….I’ll have to do it again to know for sure.

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