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Progress and Change

You have to change the way you think if you want to see results.

Stop telling yourself you can’t run, do circuit training or even attempt yoga. You might not be able to run a 5k right away, complete the circuit or hold all of the yoga poses without toppling over, but with practice and persistence, you will begin making great strides in less time than you think.

Stop telling yourself that eating fast food is your only option or that it’s cheaper to do so. With proper planning, eating healthy doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it can be even easier! Your body will thank you for doing it, too!

It’s up to you to change your mindset and believe that you can do these things. Once you do, anything is possible and change will be inevitable.

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{ Fitness Friday }

Yeah, yeah, yeah….I know. It’s Saturday. This week has been a hectic one for me so this post is a day late. Sue me.

This week I conquered the new Phase 2 workouts, CST (Chest, Shoulders & Triceps)¬†as well as, Back & Biceps. My arms have felt sore as hell all week from them, especially my triceps since Tony neglects to stretch the triceps BEFORE you begin the workout! I forgot all about that since it’s been a while since I’ve done P90X, but a mental note has been made and I’ll be sure to stretch them before I start the workout on Monday. Back & Biceps had me feeling a little weak. I don’t know if it is because my arms were already fatigued from work on Wednesday, if my biceps really are not as strong as I thought they were or a combination of both, but I felt defeated at the end when I couldn’t finish the last move, which I believe were called Strip-Set Curls.

Overall, this week felt pretty good and I know I have to really “bring it” this month so I can see more results. This week was just kinda shaky as I started it off not feeling well due to a slight cold and I was mentally not stoked to workout each night. Thankfully I have been doing this round with the hubs so we keep each other going.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter & Instagram might have noticed I haven’t been doing my plank challenge, and I didn’t reach my goal. Well, I started to feel like I tweaked my left shoulder and the scar from my surgery (which is still healing) started turning a very angry purple color, so I decided to back off and give my body a break. The P90X workouts I’m doing are hard enough on my still healing body, especially since my rest week workouts focused on my core. I’ve been doing shorter planks in the workouts, just not pushing to the point of injury!

As for nutrition, I messed up yesterday and forgot to eat lunch because I was busy trying to finish things at work. I should know better than to do this, but it happens. I ended up with an awful headache (which sucked) but I managed to live and get my workout done with it. The rest of the week was pretty good and I did have a “cheat day” last weekend. We went out for dinner and drinks with some friends. I had a burger, fries and a few beers and I enjoyed every bite of it! NomNomNom!

This weeks goals are to plan our dinners and prep them all in advanced to make my life easier. I planned everything out two weeks ago and had all of the ingredients on hand and it really helped. I want to take it a step further and have everything prepped and in bags, already measured out and labeled. I always do better when I’m organized and I’m at the point where nutrition trumps workouts, so this could really benefit me and help me reach my goals quicker.

I’d also like to find the time to run. I haven’t ran since the Walk With Joe 5K, two weeks ago. The weather has been perfect for running, but between me not being a morning workout person, work and it getting darker earlier, I’ve failed to do it. I know, that is a lot of excuses, but it’s all true.

As always, I welcome those of you who take the time to read my posts to share your week in fitness and your upcoming goals with me. I’d really love to hear what you have going on too!

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Lucky vs Strong

I consider myself healthy, not skinny, and the road to getting healthy definitely made me strong!

Speaking of strong, today starts Phase 2 of P90X for me. As I expected, I didn’t see a change in my waist, hip or thigh measurements and I’m happy with where I’m at with those, so it didn’t bother me. I did however see a half inch increase in both of my biceps, and I can see nice shoulder definition which really makes me happy!

Results take strength and determination, not luck. Put your mind to it and the results will come.

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Drama + Haters = Fuel for the Fire

Everyone has drama in their lives at one point of another. Some of us are blessed with it more often then others (that is total sarcasm in case you didn’t know).

I often walk through life wondering if I do anything right. I can never seem to make everyone happy. I always do something to piss someone off and most recently my fitness achievements have made me a hated person amongst certain circles of people – there is nothing worse than walking through a room and feeling a giant target on your back!

However, I have learned to turn that drama and target on my back into fuel for my fire. Instead of getting worked up over it and saying things that can’t change the way another person thinks I unleash my fury in my workouts. The more someone says I am crazy for doing the workouts I do, or refuse to give me credit for the work I have done the more it makes me want to succeed and show them how wrong they are.

Instead of sitting around moping over a disagreement or some new drama that has cropped up I do Kenpo or grab my sneakers and hit the trail. Both help me to clear my mind, keep a level head and improve myself in the process. It also helps me to realize that the important part is that I am happy!

I am finally reaching a point in my life where I am putting myself first. I am surrounding myself with positive people. I am realizing that I CAN’T make everyone happy…that is impossible without completely losing yourself. I am doing everything possible to ensure that I reach my goals and do the things in life that I want to do. I can’t stop drama from entering my life or make people respect the life choices that I have made but I can certainly turn those things into fuel for my fire and reach my goals and most importantly achieve self happiness.

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