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P90X: Day 5 Round 3.5

Wall squats, sneaky lunges and skaters….oh my!

Three reasons why I curse on Fridays and walk funny while going up and down the stairs on Saturday.

Tonight was a tough one. I don’t know if I didn’t give myself enough time after eating one of the Gluten-free Brownies I blogged about earlier, if I was just tired or if I was just pushing my body to it’s max, but I was exhausted and wanted to puke when this routine was done.

Now that I’m showered and in bed, I feel great and I’m happy I pushed myself to do the workout. It’s so easy to get tired, feel unmotivated and not want to push yourself to press play. Chalene Johnson had some great advice in ChaLEAN Extreme. She said even on the days you don’t feel like working out, just press play and give it five minutes. If you still don’t feel into it, stop, but she guarantees you’ll end up feeling better about yourself and you’ll complete your workout for the day. So far, she’s been spot on. There have been many days that I haven’t felt like doing my workout, but I get up, get into my gym clothes and press play. An hour later, I’m done, sweaty and feel like a million bucks and that is something to be proud of.

Anyway, Legs and Back is a lower body killer. I bitch about wall squats often, but as a female, the one legged ones have come in handy many times while using public restrooms. You ladies know what I’m talking about. We hover to pee as it is when using these restrooms and there is nothing worse than ending up in a stall with a broken lock… enter the one legged wall squat and give a huge thank you to Tony Horton for being the prick of all pricks by making you do them every week for 90 Days, cause now you can squat to pee AND hold that door shut with one leg!

Tomorrow is my FAVORITE workout in the P90X program, KenpoX! There is something about jab, cross, hook, uppercutting, that makes me very happy!

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P90X: Day 4 Round 3.5

Well, as I said in yesterdays post, there was no way I would be doing YogaX today. To be quite honest, I think YogaX gives yoga a bad name and I’d rather spend my time stretching, breathing and centering myself with a DVD from GAIAM.

I chose one of my favorites, AM/PM Yoga with Rodney Yee. The AM portion of the DVD is hands down my favorite and yes, I have done it at night many times. There is something about the sound of the ocean, Rodney Yee’s calm voice and the relaxation techniques that he uses, that makes my entire day just melt into the ground along with all of my stress.

Another plus is that it is about 15-20 mins long so I can squeeze it in no matter how hectic my day gets.

Tonight, I was feeling very relaxed after the hubs and I finished AM yoga (see…told you I do it at night too) so I decided to do PM yoga as well. It felt good to get some additional stretching in since I am very sore from the first 3 days of P90X. I am still partial to the AM segment and felt much more relaxed after it, but that could also be because I know the routine by heart and don’t have to open my eyes to see what he is doing at all during it.

I am currently feeling very relaxed and centered and that is a feeling I don’t mind in the least.

Tomorrow is Legs and Back, which means there will be cursing as I am forced to do wall squats! Fun times I tell you, fun times.

Until then, Namaste.

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P90X: Day 3 Round 3.5

My favorite line this workout.

I entered Day 3 with a sore upper body and core, which I absolutely love! Nothing beats that post workout soreness. To me, it lets meknow I am doing something right and that means I’ll start to see some progress before I know it.

Today we worked the glamour muscles with a little Shoulders & Arms.

This is one of my favorite P90X workouts because when I’m done with it, I feel strong and I tend to see quick results in my shoulders.

The workout is broken into 3 rounds plus a bonus round for those of us who really want to Bring It! Each round works the shoulders, biceps and triceps (in that order) and repeats itself before giving you a 30 second water/ballistic stretch break.

Since I’ve done this program a few times, I tend to keep us laughing by reciting many of the Tony-isms that are in each DVD. From “like a Pterodactyl coming for a landing….kaaaaaa!” to his fawning over the “fabulous Dreya Weber”, we toss the lines back and forth to keep the workout fun and help pass the hour.

Tomorrow is supposed to be YogaX but I’m not gonna lie….I’m not doing it. I know Tony LOVES yoga and I know how important it is, but I know my core is not ready for 90 intense minutes of it. I will most likely do a shorter yoga DVD and hopefully go for a walk/run. I guess you’ll have to come back tomorrow to find out what I actually end up doing.

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P90X: Day 2 Round 3.5

Today I opted to do CardioX instead of Plyo. Since I am easing my way back into a routine, I didn’t want to overload my core, plus I figured CardioX offers a nice sampling of all of the P90X workouts.

My upper arms, chest and back were pretty sore from last nights workout, so despite my dislike of yoga, the first segment of CardioX actually felt good. After a few sun salutations and the Warrior sequences, I was ready for my favorite of all the P90X workouts….Kenpo! There is just something about jab, cross, hook, uppercutting that makes me feel happy.

After Kenpo came a little Plyo, which I find fun (only in CardioX since it is only a few moves). After jumping around like a bunny doing wacky jacks, I entered Superman-Banana-land …aka Core Synergistics. I did all of the moves in this workout until this segment, I didn’t feel ready to attempt the Drea Roll yet. Truth be told, I have always been leery of it.

Overall, it was a great workout! I was proud of myself for completing all of the Superman/Banana’s and I managed to work up a good sweat. Tomorrow is my favorite lifting workout in the program, Shoulders and Arms, so I guess I should finish this recovery drink and get some rest.

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P90X: Day 1, Round 3.5

Yep…after a bunch of debating and procrastinating, I decided to give P90X another go.

I’ve been skeptical about what I should do for a workout routine since I am technically not cleared by my surgeon to do ab work yet. At first, I was going to hold off until my next appointment in a few weeks and then start Insanity if he gave me the all clear, but then I was talking with the hubs and he mentioned that he wanted to start P90X again since he fell off the wagon after getting sick during Phase 2.

After lots of thought, I decided to start P90X again. I’ve already been lifting using ChaLean Extreme and I’ve been doing lower body and some running here and there, so I figured why not?! I will just skip Ab Ripper X and listen to my body during the workouts.

Tonight was Day 1, which meant Chest and Back and I was very nervous going in. For those of you not familiar with the program, Chest and Back requires a lot of push-ups, and push-ups require core strength. I definitely paced myself for Round 1 and I made sure to really “Bring It” during the pull-up segments (I did pull downs and hubs used the pull-up bar). I felt some pulling and tightness in my core as I began to max out during push-ups, so I made sure to spend a little time in child’s pose at the end of each move.

Overall, I felt really great doing the workout. Push-ups are still a weakness of mine (unless they are of the wide variety) and my numbers were much lower than my last round, but I’m working things the best I can, and that means I’m doing laps around everyone one who is just sitting on the couch.

Tomorrow is PlyoX but I think I will be subbing with CardioX so I can see how my body feels about my starting P90X again.

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One Week At A Time

All too often, people get caught up and overwhelmed by how far they have to go to reach their fitness goals. I fell victim to this mind set many times over the years and it is very frustrating. One of the most important changes I made this time around was to NOT focus on the ultimate goal. Instead, I set mini goals that would help me to achieve that ultimate one over a period of time, and I ONLY focused on each one of those.

By breaking my goals down into mini ones, I was able to keep a positive tone to my fitness/weight loss journey. I began to build a confidence in myself by reaching each of my mini goals and before I knew it, I was reaching larger goals without even realizing it.

Even now that I have reached my ultimate goal, I still set mini ones for myself in order to maintain the progress I have made. Here are some of mine for this week:

  • 1. Drink plenty of water – This might seem like a no brainer but it’s easy to forget or not intake the proper amount.
  • 2. Lift weights three days – Again, something I should be used to, but with the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to skip or say I’ll do it tomorrow.
  • 3. Eat clean – Hands down one of the toughest, especially during the hectic week I have before me.
  • 4. Do the fitness trail – One of my favorite forms of exercise but also one of the easiest to keep putting off.
  • 5. Yoga or Stretch – This is one I have never been a fan of. I have always been the first to admit I skipped YogaX many times while doing P90X. I know it’s important though and I have plenty of room for improvement here. Plus it helps to clear the mind and honestly, who can’t benefit from that?!

As you can see, they are all things that you would expect I do on a normal basis, but it’s easy to put all of these things off for another day. I need to stay focused on the simple things and with that, new results will come and old one will be maintained.

Your goals for the week don’t need to be extreme…even the simple ones can get you a step closer to the results you want.

What are some of your goals for the week? What would you like to achieve? Want to keep each other accountable?

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Today’s Workout: Stretch, Cardio & Booty!

Today I woke up and my lower body was still very sore from the lower body workout I posted the other day. I decided a dose of X-Stretch from P90X would do my body good, so that is how I started today’s workout. I had to skip the sun salutations, camel and back hero since I still can’t stretch my core too much, but I still felt great after completing the workout.

My plan was to hit the pavement this morning since I needed to go to the post office and it conveniently falls along my walking/running path. Unfortunately, mother nature had different plans and it started to thunderstorm as I was getting ready to go. Thankfully I have a stationary bike so I hopped on there instead and got a solid 30-min cardio workout in before giving this workout I found on Pinterest a try:

I did three rounds of this, Insanity style, and felt a solid burn kick in halfway through the second round.

As you can tell, I’ve been putting focus on lower body workouts, and that’s because I’ve decided to join my husband and some of his buddies in August, as they attempt the Rock Solid Mud Run. I’m a little nervous about this since I recently had the surgery, but my plan is to pace myself, do what I can and just have fun.

If you try any of the workouts I’m posting, please let me know what you think or if you add anything! Also, if you have any that you love, please pass them my way. I’d love to try it out and feature it here along with your fitness story.

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Fitness Mindset

Three years ago, I had a similar conversation with myself, and I haven’t looked back. Anyone can do what I have done. You just have to change the way you think!

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We All Have Secrets

…and I’m about to share one of mine:

“I have loose skin around my abdomen.”

There! I said it. (As embarrassing as it is to do so.)

Despite 2.5 rounds of P90X, 2 rounds of Insanity, ChaLean Extreme, running, other workouts and eating healthy, I am left with a reminder of what my body once was, in the form of sagging skin. I can’t say that I am surprised by this at all. I neglected my body for years, packed on the pounds and I also gave birth to two beautiful children. I knew my body would never be “perfect” but I did have hopes that my skin would bounce back more than it did.

A year ago when I reached that 100lb+ weight-loss milestone, I began to research tummy tucks and started to really contemplate having one done. Of course the thought of going under the knife scares the shit out of me and I don’t exactly have thousands of dollars sitting around collecting dust, so I tossed the thought into the “maybe someday” file in my brain. However, I knew if it was something I was ever going to do, I would have to prove to myself that this truly did become a lifestyle and that my old habits wouldn’t creep back up on me.

As you have read here, over the past year I have had struggles with nutrition as well as my workouts, but thankfully never at the same time. Despite these struggles, I have never gained more than 8lbs and I have always dropped it as soon as I felt I gained it. (Yes, I can totally feel when my weight shifts now…it’s weird, but I can call the number on the scale before I even step on it). My measurements have even stayed consistent over the past year which really made me happy and brought the thought of a tummy tuck back to the front of my mind again.

A few weeks ago I had a discussion with my husband about how upset this extra skin made me. How frustrating it was to look in the mirror and not be able to see past it despite all of the hard work I have done over these 3 years. I broke down into tears, which is something I hate to do, but this is something that I’m really embarrassed about. (You have no idea how hard it is to even type this blog right now). For the first time, he saw the pain I felt and we discussed going for consultations to see how much it would be to have the tummy tuck done and to find out if I was even a candidate for it.

Yesterday, I went for a consultation with a plastic surgeon who came highly recommended by the doctor I used to work for. I studied photos of his work and looked at patient reviews  on-line for the 2 weeks leading up to this appointment. The anxiety I had going into that office was unreal but I womaned-up, put on the pink paper gown they left for me and stood before the surgeon to have all of my imperfections examined. After the exam, we sat in a conference room and discussed the procedure in detail. He answered all of my questions, gave me all of the information I would need to make a decision and he then walked me down to the hall to another office where the financial portion of the consultation would be handled. I sat there nervously as I prepared myself for number anxiety. This portion of the consultation should really come with a shot of Patron or Jack Daniels…a person needs something to take the edge off when a tiny piece of paper with a large number is about to be presented to them. The woman entered the room with said piece of paper and there was an extra digit before the coma that I wasn’t quite prepared for. At this point some smelling salts would have also been nice to revive me and bring me back to present time so I could have heard her going over “payment policies”.  I managed to smile even though I was discouraged by the price and I left the office when she was done, with some information on financing in case I needed that as an option...uh yeah! Last time I checked the money tree in my backyard hadn’t sprouted yet.

I called my husband after the appointment and almost immediately lost it. I felt all of my hope for ridding myself of the “old me” slipping away after seeing the price tag on the procedure and he quickly calmed me down. He talked me off the ledge and said all of the things I needed to hear. Another phone call to my mother and I was feeling better again. There were a few more wishy washy moments that evening but after the three of us sat down over dinner, went through all of my options and scenarios, it was decided that I earned this procedure.

Yes, you heard me correctly. I decided to go ahead with the tummy tuck and this morning, I called the office and made the appointment to say farewell to the last remaining reminder of the “old me”. In three short weeks, it will be nothing more than a very painful incision on my abdomen….Dammit! I wasn’t supposed to think about that now.

I know this is not going to be an easy road, but they say anything in life worth having, isn’t easy. Heck, the past 3 years of my life weren’t easy either, but with hard work and dedication, I proved that I wanted it bad enough to get it.

So there you have it…the big secret I’ve been hiding is out on the web for everyone to read…and I feel a slight sense of relief now that I’ve shared it.

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Have you had a tummy tuck? If so, please share your recovery tips with me.


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Looking At The Big Picture

I know I have spent a lot of time on here calling myself a slacker…and honestly, sometimes I truly feel like one. However, when I look back at how far I have come and how despite not really working out for the past few months I have maintained my weight, I’m actually very successful.

When I started doing P90X and Insanity, I knew it wasn’t a level of working out that I wanted to maintain forever. I don’t think my body would like me very much if I did that everyday with no true breaks. I knew I wanted to reach a point where I could workout 2-3 days a week and just eat healthy to maintain a normal, healthy weight for my height and age. I knew I’d eventually hit the point of needing balance…between workouts, nutrition, life and work…cause let’s face it, there are just not enough hours in the day for all of these things on a regular basis.

I am proud, that as the 3 year mark approaches, I am still on my journey. I have reached my goal, lost over 100lbs, maintained my progress and I’m planning new and exciting ways to improve myself. I am proud that I have been able to inspire others to improve themselves and change the bad habits that they hated for so long. I’m proud of my hard work and determination to see this through and finally achieve something that I thought was just a dream.

Every now and then we should all stop to reflect on the great things that we have achieved. It’s so easy to dwell on the negative or get hung up on the slip ups we made along the way. I know first hand how hard it is to stay positive sometimes, but keep your focus not on how many times you trip and fall, but on how many times you get back up, dust yourself off, and keeping moving on.

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